Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Halloween !

I LOVE HALLOWEEN ! It's always been such a festive tradition in my family to celebrate this holiday ! Dressing up in fun costumes , eating loads of candy , carving pumpkins !! What's not to like right ? ha-ha Especially living in Maui , Hawaii !! Halloween is a pretty big deal ! It's been known to be called the "Mardi-gras" of the Pacific LOLZ !!! Every year my "maui" family and I dress up as a theme !! The first year we dressed up we were a family of pirates !! The next characters from cinderella (lol) and last year was a bug theme haha !!!

This year's theme is ...... 

haha yes you are looking at the right picture !!! I know there are pretty much all the nintendo characters here LOL and so is the inspiration of our Halloween theme this year !! Joel and I will be dressing as the infamous.....

haha Joel (my bf) will be dressing up as Luigi ! And I will be MARIO !! yay ! We are trying to look traditional but with a more modern touch ! HOWEVER as usual resources are limited on Maui ! LOL and I am having a hard time finding exactly what I need online !! I am looking at these boots from Forever 21 for my costume... Tell me what you think ...

I know not exactly Mario -esque ! But I want to get something I will wear after halloween is over haha! And I have decided to wear jean shorts instead of the ol' overalls ! So These boots might be cute !! Right ???? LOL

I also was looking at these ! They are so Mario ( or I think so anyways ) But I think I would wear the boots a little more then these bad boys... AHHH choice's Choice's !! Any recommendations ?

These are prbly the hats we are going to go with ! We like the more modern take ... LOL 

Ah besides gloves and red and green shirts that pretty much completes our costumes !!! OH AND THE MUSTACHE of course !! LOL how fun right ??? What are you going to be for halloween ???

xo Gabriella


  1. Hey babe! How have you been? I bet you're having a blast at the salon. :D

    What a fun idea for your halloween costumes this year. Super cute and I'm sure you'll style it up well. I like the second boots a tad better.... maybe you can find some denim/blue shortalls. That would be cute. We still haven't decided what to be this year, but we'll be in Oahu. I've never been on Oahu for Halloween... so it will be interesting to see how the festivities are there!

    Hope all is well with you.. and hope to see ya around.


  2. Hey Sharon !

    Yeah im having fun as always !! Learning new stuff everyday !!

    Found some cheap cute boots at Ross for my costume ! Will blog pictures soon TOTALLY Mario boots !! Yeah We were looking for some Overalls but I dont think I can rock them !! LOL

    Im going to be in Oahu for Halloween as well ! But I leave Halloween Afternoon !!

  3. Hey Gabriella i wanted to know where you got the mario and luigi hats from. Im being luigi for halloween and i love the hat you found.


  4. Hi Amanda these hats were available on !