Monday, January 25, 2010

I did way to much today...and now im paying !!!

Went to the Doctor today , Joel and I officialy have the stomach flu...and it sucks..I feel so weak and tired :[ ugh its just so lame! :[ I want some homemade Soup please !!!

Okay so quick update otherwise , after I found out I was sick I tried to do all my errands today quick because I knew I would be in my cave the rest of the week ! BAD idea I ended up sleeping in the car in between stores >_<>

I went to recycle my MAC stuff today , the new MAC counter girls is creepy. The last few times i've been there she like totally rushes me to make a decision and buy more stuff. Joel and I were like HELLO WERE NOT BUYING A CAR !!! lol not to mention I know what im looking for and how it all works ... I guess I shouldn't be such a BEACH but i was sick ...sue me hahaha

::These are the two lipsticks I got ::


Nice shades too add to the collection ! Well thats all im posting today I need to go lay down LOL have a good evening !!!


  1. I think my boyfriend and I have the stomach flu too... Noo good. Were all achy and tired... why oh why do we have to get sick!

    Nice lip stick colors! I need some new ones too.

  2. Oh Megan im sorry you have it too :[ Joel and I napped when we got home till 830 and now we are WIDE awake :/ it sucks lol

    Ruby WOO would look slamming on you ! Its a matte red very pretty