Friday, January 29, 2010

Something New

Today I had to help my grandmother babysit, what felt like a MILLION kids :/ Yeah they are cute and everything but sheesh thats a LONG day ...7:30am-5:30pm ugh >_<

Have you ever had star fruit ? If you haven't you should TOTALLY try it ! Not only is it a super cute fruit [lolz] but its so nutritious !! The fruit is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C and low in sugar, sodium and acid !! However if you are on medications for Kidney problems then it is not recommend for you...OTHERWISE ENJOY :]

I wanted to do a mini makeup review today instead of a makeup look , just to educate on some products I love and some I hate !!! Today I am reviewing.... MAKEUP REMOVER !! Now I know some people say "I just use water" , and yes that's a cheap alternative to buying a makeup remover ! BUT if you wear makeup everyday you really should use something that will clean your face completely of all the makeup !! Dont want to get those pores clogged :[


origins well off is currently my FAVORITE makeup remover !! Its extremely gentle on my sensitive skin , and my face doesn't feel oily after I use it !! I do recommend cleansing after use but if you didn't have time too it would be to horrible with this remover <3>


Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover...ITS NOT OIL FREE AT ALL !! I mean when it settles from sitting on your counter you can see the oil !!! It feels disgusting on your face after ! Very Oily !! I mean don't get me wrong it gets the job done , but who would want their face to be left so oily !? It retails at about $4-6 dollars...

**LASTLY a shot from my portfolio !!! :: Enjoy :]

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  1. HA HA Babysitting is tough.. My favorite part of the day is nap time! I usually dedicate 2 hours to a extra hyperactive workout (Turn up music and dance/run around the room) with the kids. By the time thats over they tell me that they want a nap! LOL Mission complete!