Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sick Day

So I called out of work today. I was feeling pretty HORRIBLE last night and this morning :[ feeling a little better now...And my wonderful boyfriend tried to cheer me up when he went to do errands and bought me the cutest rice krispie treat and Starbucks <3>

Since I had a Sick day in I decided to DE-pot my MAC eye shadows ! A task I have been Lagging to do for a WHILE now !! It really was actually kind of fun !! And not to mention SUPER easy !! I just followed a simple tutorial on YouTube : thanks a bunch Makeup Geek :D Kudos !! LOVE LOVE your videos so easy to follow!!

Here is my attempt that was a SUCCESS lol my bf totally thought I was crazy !!

The top Pic is me melting the plastic so I can pop out the pan !! The bottom is the Final Product !

Not only do I have nice organized Eye shadows now but I can get a free lipstick with the recycling program that MAC has !! YAY me :] LOL but now I need another palette :/ LOL sooon soooon. Another thing I did today out of Sick boredom was baked Cheesecake Brownies...Yes they tasted as good as the sound !!! ALSO VERY EASY here is the recipe :: thanks all recipe's !!

::::Here is the final product :] I wish it didn't crack but oh well !!!! ::::

Okay so I'm adding my daily look to today's post...LOL I got inspired by a geico commercial haha! So this is a GREEN going out look ...DEFINITELY not an everyday look , a little too dramatic !! Enjoy

*lol PLEASE ignore my stupid face haha and my bad camera skills these are all taken with my IPhone :/*

I think in that last shot it looks like the right side is darker ...but trust me it isn't , I think its the lighting and not having the right camera that tend to make the makeup shots not that great...But anyways. What do you think ?


**Urban Decay Primer Potion

**MAC e/s Shroom

**MAC e/s Humid

**MAC e/s Carbon

**MAC fluidline in Blacktrack

**Bare Essentials Big Teash Mascara

**MAC studio fix foundation

**MAC blush in Peaches

** Too Faced Bronzed and Beautiful Pallate

**MAC lipgloss in Revealing


  1. My manager at HatShack is pretty into makeup so I'll definitely mention your blog to her. She's also the one that has told me all about the youtube makeup tutorials... like Blair's. Her screen name's JuicyStar07. Here's a link

    She's flippin' addicting to watch. I really like reading your blog, Gabriella! Hope you feel better!

  2. Hi Iris ! Yeah please do pass the word around about my blog :] I appreciate it ! Eventually i'd like too post a makeup "look" a day but iono ive been kinda sick latley so im lucky to do what i have been doing !! I have seen Blairs Youtube channel before !! Shes pretty good !! Here is someone else you might like ::


    I like dulce the best :] lol she has fashion videos too that are neat to watch !! I love your blog too btw lol u and your glee !!! <3

    ps thanks for reccomending Sharon ! we might do a photoshoot together :]

  3. Glad you got a ton accomplished today for being sick! I now want to get a MAC Palatte for my eye shadows... *SiGh*

    Also I would Recommend Maybe trying to take pictures of your makeup during the day so you can get some natural light and the colors may stand out more! Im sure you know that already :-)

    Your face is so cute - You remind me of Mila Kunis!