Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's Been a While ...

OKAY soooo.... I have totally been failing my blog :[

I watched that movie Julie and Julia yesterday and it inspired me to start writing in my blog again...I dont think anyone ever actually reads this but oh well !! I'll try it out anyways :]

So I want to try and do a different makeup look everyday and TRY to post it on here...Maybe even if my outfit is somewhat decent ill post that too !!

I want to expand my career !!!

So Yeah here are some pics of some work i have done while wasnt paying ANY attention to my Blog :] ENJOY

ps my bf thinks i should maybe try out making makeup/hair tutorial vids on youtube...but i am OH SO CAMERA SHY ...iono maybe


  1. hey gabriella! it's Iris! so one of my old classmates has this cute blog of her's that i think you'd like. she's very into fashion and crafts, but on the side of her blog she has links to OTHER really fashion/makeup/creative blogs that you might be interested in following.

    here's her site:


  2. Hey Iris !! Thanks for the tip im totally going to check her out...NOW lol

  3. I think you should soo put up some tutorials on youtube. Its extremely popular! everyone love free makeup advice. I'm one of them! The more subscribers you get the more popular you become and could eventually get more work or get sponsored!! I think you should go for it. If you ever need an extra thinking cap - feel free to contact me! :-)

  4. Aw thanks megan !! Ill have to send you my vid [[ if i ever make one]] to proof and watch before i post lol !! thanks for reading it makes my heart melt :]