Friday, March 5, 2010


oh joy.
rough last couple of days :/
this weekend should prove to be...eventful.
we will see.

Went to the Bazaar tonight. Kind of reminds me of that movie Pollyanna , but then again not because its not as extravagant... Same general concept though , rides , games , food , music and crowds !!! Saw some "ex" friends there , tried to be tough and make it seem like I dont care...But I do. It's frustrating when you dont know what you did wrong to not be friends anymore. And then you feel stupid for thinking that YOU did something wrong or that something is personally wrong with you.

I guess I shouldn't let it bother me , but we all know that can be hard to do. Some things are just easier said then done , am I right ?

Friends on maui are like snake skin, you out grow them and leave the shedding dead skin behind. It's just something you need to learn to deal with I suppose. [ or for me ne ways ]

Oahu is a place I could possibly see myself living . Its the best of both worlds right ? Island beauty with a city ? Who knows but considering anything at this moment.

till later ,

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  1. Nah, dot let it bother you babe. you were a good friend to them and they didn't see it. The real good friends are the ones who stick around through thick and thin and I'm one of'em. So don't worry babe I'll be there for you no matter what.