Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hot Tube Time Machine..lol

So Joel and I went to go see "Hot Tub Time Machine " yesterday ! LOL good thing we got in for free , because it was a little dumb. HAHA but that was prbly the point right ? I did absolutely LOVE the soundtrack though ! Omg gotta love the 80's right ?! Haha I think I enjoyed Craig Robinson the most !! Usually he doesn't play such main character parts !! And I think he is HILARIOUS !! ha and my grandfather hangs out with him at a bar in LA lol which makes it even cooler !!! I used to have a voicemail saved on my phone from the actor ! My grandfather recording him singing muse Karaoke style at the bar lol tre' cool !!

So Yesterday I also did makeup for the beautiful Geri Emata , Host of "Self Made in Hawaii" I have mentioned in a previous blog that I was doing makeup for that show ! It was kind of spur of the moment !! But they were getting ready to shoot the next episode !! Geri is so pretty so its so easy to do her makeup lol but its still so much fun!!! This time we airbrushed her foundation on to give her that dewy perfect skin :] Her hair was one by one of the stylist named Ashley!!

Here is the shows Website if you want to check it out :


And here is their facebook fanpage !! ::


Joel and I are going on a boat in a few hours ! Kinda a work function for the restaurant he works at ! I hope to see some whales ! and that the ocean isn't too choppy !! Its kind of a windy blustery day :/ Wish me luck guys lol

Love, Gab

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  1. Loved Hot Tub Time Machine!!

    My favorite line from the guy with one arm..

    "ARE YOU RAPEING?!?!?!?"