Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gemini astrological sign and the name of the boat we went on this Tuesday ! It was so meant to be :] hehe The boat was so much fun !!! At first I was kind of bummed that we weren't gonna go swimming or anything like that but once we got to the beach...IT WAS SO WINDY !! usually boats like catamarans dock on the shoreline so people can climb the latter up to the dock but because the water was so choppy and the wind was blowing hard we had to walk a mile down the beach so we could take a zodiac to the boats !!! BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT !

I think the thing I was most excited about was to lay on the netting and watch the ocean surge under me as we glide through the waves :] Here is my Joel doing just that !!! LOL I was the camera person this trip so I had to take a quick shot !! HOW neat is this boat ? It was kinda AWESOME to just lay on the soft end of the boat especially because it's whale season out here in Hawaii !! So we saw some AWESOME whale action ! Oh how I love Humpback whales :]

Here are some shots of the Whales taken with my Cheapy ol' Water proof Olympus camera by our friend Naiwi , who was brave enough to sit right on the edge lol !!

How awesome is that ? This was the male escort of the pod showing off how big and tuff he is :] lol There was also the cutest baby calf doing little breaches but I was way to distracted to take pictures !! hahah On the way back to Ka'anapali on the boat Joel and I stayed up front and got SOAKED !! lol But it was so much fun ! And worth being freezing cold :]

Here I am all wet and salty :] hahaha !! What a beautiful sunset followed by some yummy !SUSHI!!! Ah what a fun day !! Now to eat the chicken Divan I just made for lunch !! I will do a makeup tutorial hopefully tonight using drugstore products so keep on the lookout for that !!

Salty Kisses !!


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  1. that's awesome!!!!!! i went whale watching 2 in my whales to be seen just puking to be done. lol hahaha