Saturday, April 17, 2010

Early Birthday Dream Wishes.

So my birthday is coming up...My 21st birthday !!! ha-ha It's a big one ! And its still about a month away but I am oh so excited :D I cant decide how I want to spend it ...I mean ideally I would go to Las Vegas[cliche'] and gamble, party and drink the night away...But I don't think that is going to happen :/ So then I thought maybe Oahu ? , but that isn't as intriguing ...Oh well I guess I will have to settle for a beach BBQ...yay lol.. Ne who I thought I would do a dream wish list :] hahaha hopefully my Joel will take a gander hehe :]

Oh how beautiful this Urban Decay Palate is :] It is limited edition so I worry about its availability :/ But this is a dream list right ? LOL :]

I really would love to try these bad boys out. But where would I wear them living on a island ?...And I dont want to die. But I never have owned a "grown up" pair of pumps, and I kinda really want these to be my first :D

Omg this camera is so sexy LOL , I recently used my friend Ash's SLR Nikon Camera and although it takes alot more skill to use the to just "Point and Shoot" I am in love. The pictures are so fuggin' beautiful ! And I love that I dont have to sit and edit for HOURS >_<

This is the Bobbi Brown Concealer and Foundation pallate...PLEASE ? lol omg its $250 but it would be oh so perfect for when I do makeup on clients. I dont have anything like this in my kit...oh birthday fairy lol

oh, I love you rings. So much...I think I want these rings so bad for obvious bad It would totally sum up my obsession with Twilight...and Im pretty sure I would wear them every friggin' day... LOL Im Just saying! Click HERE for the website :] I pretty much love almost everything they make lol so funky fresh :]

But what I really want is a Flower Tattoo on my arm...Ah but im so scared about jobs dis-liking my inkwork...I already have a sort of hard time with the one small tattoo...Oh ponder I am thinking a Poppy Flower because It is the California state flower which is where I was born and raised ! and I like this one because it has 4 bloomed flowers to represent my mother , brothers [2] and sister :] my family branch of flowers LOL what do you THINK!?!

Well thats all I can think of right now hahahahaha :] Thanks for reading !!!!

Gabba Gabba


  1. I've been wanting those vampire rings since last year! :) and you can wear those kinds of heels ANYWHERE! Well, I know I do!! Happy Sunday Girlie..

    xx Love & Aloha

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  2. can you refresh my memory and tell me who designed those heels? i saw them @ macy's here in Vegas but didn't get a chance to try them on because i was sort of in a rush. the pair i was eyeing was a very faint pinky-brown color. btw, i found you thru my BFF Sharon's blog. i'm joanie :)