Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stripes and Stuff

Happy Monday !!! As I unwind from a busy day , while Bob Dylan plays, I write in my blog...LOL Ne who I will start off this blog with the "OUTFIT OF THE DAY" woo hoo right ? hee hee

What I am wearing : H&M knit pencil skirt , Forever 21 Striped tank, Nordstrom Black Cardigan :] [fav] and Volcom Strappy sandals !!! I am seriously in love with this coral-ish pink color for spring ! Oh my so pretty :]

And on to the next part of my post , somewhat of a product-ish haul !!! Somethings that I will be trying out and letting you know how they work !! All the things that will be pictured I have bought myself and mostly from Walgreens, the salon I work at and Walmart :]

First Item is a Pearl Essential Masksheet this is from the brand THE FACE SHOP , I bought it at Walgreens, I havent seen it carried anywhere else. And it costs about $3.58. Great deal right ?I tried a different mask before a Lemon one so I thought I would try this one :D

Next item is another facial masque ...HOWEVER this one is super cool because you can peel it off ! I havent tried it yet but when I do you will know promise LOL This masque is a cucumber cooling masque that clarifies and renews skin :] This one was about $3.00 as well but its a large tube of it so it's a better deal.

Next is an Eminence Organic Skin Care Product , its all natural !! It is Lime refresh Tonique ! yay for balancing your PH in your skin :D So far I have been using this for a few days , and so far I love it lol ...This product is a little more pricey its $40.00 I know what your thinking...YIKES but this brand is worth it :]

BIO-OIL is next !! This stuff from what I have read is amazing ! It reduces the appearance of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone ,helps aging skin and dehydrated skin. Sounds great right ? LOL i would say the only downfall to this product is that you have to use it twice a day and liberally massage it into your skin, this product says you have to use it for a minimum of three months before you see serious results...So I will let you know how it works haha !! This product normally is $15 dor the 2 oz bottle but I got it on sale at walgreens for $10!!

Next one is another Oil but this one is for your HAIR :] This is the wondrous Moroccanoil !! I have been using this in my hair and at the salon for quite a while now and let me say I AM A HUGE FAN ! This product is a leave in treatment for long term conditioning and instant SHINE ! And it isnt heavy on your hair at all ! TRUST ME :] this stuff is amazing use before and after styling. This small bottle .85 fl. oz was $20.00 I belive the more than double sized bottle is $45 :]

These next two products are makeup products from the Hard Candy Line. Now this line is new to me , but I have heard pretty good things about it ! It must have been new to our Maui Walmart because I have NEVER seen this brand here ! HEE HEE i was so excited to see all these neat products but I resisted and only got two things :] The first is a concealer pallate ! this was $8.37 as far as a review gotta wait for the next few posts for that so I can try it out :]

Im excited to try out the purple and green correction colors :]

okay this is what I was most excited about LOL !! PRESS ON EYESHADOW ! I know its not the most precise way to put on eyeshadow but hey I just wanted to try it out for myself ! I bought the Smokey eye set !....Video to follow :]

Hugs friends let me know if you have any questions on these products!!

Love love , Gabriella



  2. Haha, that is the same Cucumber masque I picked up. It feels like grade school when you'd cover your hand in glue and peel it off! Have fun with all your stuff!!


  3. Where did you get the cucumber peel mask!? Me and Phil ran out and I can't find it at Longs er...what's now CVS. I need more. I love that stuff.