Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Bloggy Friend Sharon's Giveaway and New Video...kinda :]

Hi blog world :] currently I am sitting on my bed in a room full of 5 filipino dudes watching a MMA fight lol :/ Usually I have a partner in crime with me but not today lol :/ Oh well thank goodness for books and internet :D hee hee

So a few weeks ago I uploaded a new youtube makeup tutorial , its a pretty simple purple spring look :] nothing too hard ! I have yet to make a more difficult makeup tutorial but I eventually will :]This look is also using all drugstore products :] yay for cheap and affordable makeup that actually works well:] LOL So here is my video :

So my ULTRA cute bloggy friend Sharon is doing a giveaway !!! yay! Im so excited for her !!! I know someday I would like to do one but I want to hit at least 50 followers first :] Go big or go home ...or something like that :] Here is what she is giving away :

HOW CUTE RIGHT ????? I know im entering :] and you guys should too !!! Check out Sharons Blog Here and let her know I asked you to stop by :]

xoxo Gab

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