Thursday, March 25, 2010

Color Correction !

As you may or may not know ! I am an apprenticing hair stylist at Soleil Luna a Salon and Day Spa !!! Color has been my niche since I have started !! I love the whole concept of taking what someone has naturally and enhancing it !! My favorite color type jobs too do are FUNKY ones but thats not really in high demand here in Maui !! Anyways ! My boyfriend sisters gf asked me a WHILE ago to try and fix her hair for her !! And finally coordinating a time where we could do it , WE DID IT LAST NIGHT !!! She had gotten the underneath bleached out a while ago and wasnt digging it any more !! So I told her I could easily fix it and make her natural hair even more beautiful then it already was :D Here are the BEFORE pics :::


This is Ariel [lol] as you can see her ends were way way lighter then her roots ! So our goal was to make it all even and rich and shiny :]

For her hair I wanted to use this product called Redken Shades ! This is a Demi-permanent color ! I had decided to go with this instead of permanent because Ariel didnt want to alter the color of her natural hair ! The Redken Shades was a great choice because it will eventually fade back to her hair color but will also cover miss matched hair color ! The Shades also make your hair very soft and shiny because it is shampoo based :D

This is us in "action" haha!! I used some foils on top of her head because I used two different shades of brown to give her a little dimension :]


Our result ! Shiny multi dimensional hair ! Her hair came out so smooth and shiny after she was so happy !! :D Thanks for letting me do whatever I wanted to your hair Ariel !!!

On other way exciting news !!! I MADE A YOUTUBE MAKEUP TUTORIAL !!! YAY ! haha It isnt the best quality because i am just using my grandmothers little Samsung digital camera ! But until I get a better one this will have to do ! Im still playing with the lighting and its a little of in the Video but you will get the general gist of it !

So this look is VERY simple and VERY easy to do ! Thats why I am calling it my easy Maui day makeup ! I used all products that hold well in our tropical environment ! And makeup that will last all day ! The only thing I ever have to do is blot my skin and re-apply lip gloss ! Other than that this makeup look is full proof ! I will do some more "fun" looks !! Does any one have any suggestions or requests ?

Hope you guys like it ! Comment and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel please!! LOL

Love and Rockets [lol]

Gabriella !!


  1. I love your tutorial!!! You did such an awesome job niece..and you look beautiful in your simple Maui day look!

    Love you,

  2. p.s. bella was shaking her bootay to your video as i guess she enjoyed it too. :O)

  3. I loved your video! I literally use all of the same products as you... MAC studio fix, the same MAC highlighter, the same MAC blush, and even the Maybelline mascara! Haha. I didn't know that you apply concealer after foundation though, good tip.

    This is the basic look I use every day. I have no idea how to change it (Specifically, how to wear eyeshadow. I always feel like eyeshadow looks too heavy on me). So I am looking forward to your eyeshadow videos!

  4. HI Marcella! I like to use concealor after foundation because then I can see what my studio fix wasnt able to cover! I always think less is more so if I can pass up the concealor altogether I WOULD lol !!

    Yeah this video is so simple ! I will try to make another video soon with my next simple trend a fun way to add colorful eyeshadows very slightly to make your eyes pop and its great for spring ! Thanks for watching and suscribe !

  5. Bravo Gabriella! Loved it. :) Great job girlie... :)

    xx Love & Aloha