Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Once a Week ?? Lipstick Haul

I know said this in my last blog but I have been seriously working ALOT ! I did actually have a day off this week though :D hee hee!!  My new job has been going well !! I love the products we sell! and thats always important :] Gosh I feel like my life is so un-eventful right now :/ Nothing super exciting to blog about :[ BOO

BUT I do have a small Lipstick Haul :D YAY

All Four shades are kinda pinky :] Good for summer !! Not all are exactly a good shade for me but thats the beauty of being a makeup artist ! I can use them on someone else haha :] Here are some pics of the lipsticks on my lips !! { please pardon the bad quality }

haha This shade looks terrible on me but would look nice on someone lighter with yellow undertones :] This shade is called Think Pink #901B This is without lipgloss BTW I think with the right lipgloss this shade could be wearable !

This color I actually kind of life ! Its called Mauve Outta Here ! #907C

Ugh sorry again for the quality as this photo does NOT do this color JUSTICE ! Its such a gorgeous HOT PINK color!! its called SMOKING HOT PINK  lol #905D

This one I also Like it reminds me of a wine type of color :] Rich and pretty its called funny enough Wine Room :] #906D !! These are all Wet and Wild Mega Last Lip Color lipsticks each retailing at about 2.37$ Not too bad eh ? I would compare them too MAC's Creemsheen lipsticks similar kind of feel but not as high quality ! Check them out and let me know what you think :D

Until next time !



  1. Hey girlie! What's up. The 3rd shade is my fav. :) So where are you working now? Are you still at the salon?

    xx S

  2. Can you help miss sharonlei with picking out a proper lip color! right now she sports this really vibrant pink which makes her look like a "Filipino Princess"- that's what we call it..LOL!


  3. wow, nice post. i really like the third.