Thursday, February 17, 2011

Saving Money

Saving money is never very easy ! Especially for me ... I love to shop , for makeup clothes even household items haha ! But since Joel and I are getting ready to move ... Oh yeah we are moving to California haha ! Saving money has been the #1 topic on our minds !
I can honestly say I haven't really been shopping for months . I mean I did a little shopping in Oahu but only since it was mine and Joel's 3 year ann gift to each other ! and we only spent $60 each !! haha :]

ANYWAYS one way I have been saving money $$ is at the market ! Usually Joel and I buy a lot of drinks  our favorite is :

But lately I have been making my own !!! Not only is it delish but its also cost effective !! And Im finally usually all the teabags I have in the pantry haha !! I dont only make iced green tea I also make this really yummy Mango Black tea and Iced Chamomile haha Heres how !!

Step One :

Boil Water

Step Two :

Pour the hot water into a pitcher and let the tea bags steep into the water. I also at this point like to add a few tablespoons of sugar while its hot because it melts and mixes better !! I like my tea more on the black side so you just have to make the sugar measurements are to your liking !

Step Three :

Place the Warm tea in the fridge to cool , if you want to drink it right away you can add ice cubes to your glass !! then ENJOY !!

(ps all the pictures were grabbed from the web not taken by me I HAVE NO CAMERA right now :[ )

Haha I realize blogging about tea making is kinda off topic of my "beauty" blog but with us moving I am going to probably start blogging about odds and ends of moving ! Hope this doesnt bore you LOL !!


  1. Little steps like this will bring large growth to your bank account in the future.. he he he.

    I love making milk tea. And it's super easy. All you need is one tea bag (i like to use Chai for milk tea), milk (varies on how strong you want you tea), and honey. Boil you milk.. steep the tea, and add honey for sweetness. YUM-o.

    Hope your doing well hun. I can't believe I never run into you in town!

    xx Love & Aloha

  2. Hey babe ! Yeah little baby steps hahaha !!!

    OH i loveeee milk tea but not honey !! what a predicament !! ahahahahahaha <3

    I know I see your hubby ALL THE TIME but never you !!!! so sad :/ although i see you were up in my hood taking pictures today hahaha

    XO G