Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oh Saturdays

How I LOATHE you !!!!! 
I hate that I have to wake up before the sun rises .
And that I dont come home till 11pm .
What a day , I had to deal with some stuff that is new to me to say the least...

I leave you with a swatches of Katy Perry's New Polish Collection Its Dreamy :]

Teenage Dream 

The One That Got Away
Last Friday Night 

Not Like the Movies 
The collection also came out with a new product called "Shatter" Its a cool top coat - ish polish that you polish over dried colored polish , let it shatter then apply a top coat !! ITS SUPER cool and punky hahaha Here is a swatch of that over all the Polishes !

I love these Polishes ! And guess who has them in stock.... SOLEIL LUNA the salon I work at !! And I know they are in high demand and hard to come by !! So come check us out or get a mani or pedi with me and Ill do your nails up cool :p

G'Night !! XO Gabriella

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  1. hey Gabriella!
    I just seen your blogspot and its really sweet the way you blog. I already clicked the follow button so I could follow you.

    Please make sure you check my blog

    Another thing I wanted to ask is what would be a good substitute for the opi nailpolishes because where I live, OPI is really expensive.
    Thanks for the help.