Thursday, February 17, 2011

Perfume !

As weird as this sounds but I feel like an actual adult now that I like perfume .... HAHA
Growing up I always used to admire my mother spritzing herself with her glamorous smelling perfumes !
I would always sneak a few sprays when she wasn't looking :D
Her scent always reminded me of love and cupcakes hahaa !!
If I can recall I think this was her perfume :

Beautiful by Este Lauder ... Beautiful like my mother ! :]
But any who over the last year I have accumulated a few of my own "grownup" scents !
Here are my top 5 !! 

#1  Also an Este Lauder Scent just Like mama but one that is my own :

Este Lauder's Beyond Paradise ! My Joel bought me this perfume for Christmas and its the one I go to the most ! Its sweet smelling of flowers but not in an overpowering way . Joel says it smells like sampagitas which I have learned is a popular flower in the Philippines where he grew up ... I think this is my signature scent ! I truly love it :]

#2 My first perfume that I ever bought with my own money 

BVLGARI probably the only BVLGARI item I will ever be able to afford haha !! But to me the small is so lady like , soft with hints of soft sweet smelling scents haha ! I actually just realized making this post that I have run out ! Alas I am sad ! HAha

# 3 is a sexy scent from a sexy store ...

Victoria Secrets Sexy Little Things Noir ! Oh I know its only the small $10 bottle but this thing is POTENT !!!! A little goes a long long way ! This one well smells sweet and sexy haha ! hence the name ! When I have the funds I shall invest in a full sized bottle WITH the fancy little poof thing to spray myself like the inner movie star that I am haha :]

#4 is also sexy but in a more subtle way ...

Also from the same sexy store (Victoria's Secret haha ) Sexy Little Things Noir BODY MIST ! and yes it is different the the PERFUME ! Body Mist only last 3-4 hours where as perfumes last 6-8 ! So when im feeling more casual and less sexy haha i use this for a quick spritz ! 

#5 Last but not least , Its just last cuz its the newest haha 

Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture , not only is the packaging ADORABLE but it smells so femine and perfume ha ha ! I also love the J charm on the bottle reminds me of my Joel <3 

Thats all I have for tonight xo Gabriella

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