Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Day !!

First off! Happy Valentines Day Everyone ! 
Hope your day is filled with LOVE and HAPPINESS !
And of course Sparkly Flowers and Chocolate ... LOL 

yummm lol

Now I realize some people may not be into this "holiday" But whatever Im not going to deny its a wonderous day for lovers to celebrate LOVE haha ! I mean my boyfriend and I probably wont be doing much because we both have to work but that doesnt mean you can celebrate later right ???

More to come on that... I realize I probably should have made some sort of makeup tutorial for the loving day but between work and sickness I had NO TIME :[
Things have been so hectic for me !! But Im hoping to have more time soon ... I miss making videos :/
On another note I did some Valentines Day Inspired Nail Art on myself haha :D

Please excuse the fancy hair do and clothes HAHA like I said... I have been sick... AND please excuse camera quality... I only have the camera on my Macbook ... >_< Woe is me !


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