Sunday, January 23, 2011


Didn't realize that my last post before this was my 100th post ! LOL way to waste such a momentus post on freaking CAFFINE LOL well I gues its not a waste. I dont think anything I post is unworthy of being on my blog... Or it wouldnt be on here in the first place haha :]

I have been pretty sick latley , really sick actually . But im feeling pretty good tonight . I hope when I wake up tommrrow that I continue to feel better . I hate working when I dont feel well :[
I think I owe my recovery to this little thing ..

What is this little blue looking tea pot ? It is a Neti Pot ... You fill it with luke warm water and a mix of saline and salt ... It is supposed to flush your sinus' and boy does it work. My sinus we're so clogged that the solution doesnt pass through like a steady flow ... its more of a trickle... LOL guess its pretty clogged up there ... EW

I would post a picture but i dont want to subject you too the gross insides of my sinus... GOOD DAY

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