Monday, May 24, 2010

Vintage Obsessed

Ugh I am so born in the wrong era O_o I love everything old and vintage ! Well I guess saying EVERYTHING is a little dramatic but I do tend to like alot of vintage inspired stuff !! I am totally drooling over vintage inspired bathing suits !!! Like these :

Ugh , so cute right ?! Well I think so anyway LOL ! Can u tell im digging the polka dots ?! So cute !!! I think if I keep up my workout routine for another month I will treat myself to one of these lovelies ! BTW I have been keeping up with working out !! My body feels so great !! Ah happy happy !!! So my birthday is tomorrow :D So excited !! I hope everything goes smoothly ! Im so excited to turn 21! Not because I am a LUSH or anything but nearly because I like the social aspect that turning 21 hands you !

Ah happy life !!


  1. I love vintage bathing suits too! I think I might buy one for the summer... Have you been to Soooo cute.

  2. happy belated birthday my dear! yes i was born in thw wrong era too. I am too vintage obsessed. Its been 4 years now! lol