Saturday, May 15, 2010

Exercise :]

So I can proudly say I have been keeping up with my routine..Well I dont know if you can call it a routine but HEY I am working out LOL !! I started Sunday with a 10 Min Trainer Cardio and I did push -ups and Sit-ups to add some extra ass kicking LOL MONDAY I did 10 MIN trainer Abs...Tuesday I did a 30 Min walk/jog/run ! Wed and Thurs were rest days and today I did an HOUR of different circut training exercises and Running !! This was the program I used Today...LOL DONT LAUGH !!!

I know what some of you may be thinking...Video games do not make good work outs ...But I am here to tell you otherwise ! I can honestly say I SWEAT MY BUTT OFF lol I mean its all in how much effort you put into it !! Wii Fit is pansy stuff but its interesting how in detail it goes about the importance of keeping your body balance ! NOW Active Sports Personal Trainer is a TRUE workout!! SERIOUSLY I was working HARD lol try it out guys its fun and it seems to work we will see !!! :]

Yesterday night was date night in our small lovers house-hold LOL Joel took me to eat my favie yummy Thai Food and we also went too watch Iron Man 2 !! ~_~ Who doesnt love Robert Downey Jr RIGHT ?!??!

Ah , I love this man he is OH-SO-TALENTED :] I wore this ensemble too the movie date night !

Jeans Warehouse Black Cardigan/White Tank Top , BP black Tank Top , F21 Necklace, H&M pink Ruffle Dress worn under Tanks for a skirt effect :D!! And my Volcom strappy sandals !!!

Yay !! So guys please let me know what you want my next Tutorial to be :] I would love some input I have such a CRAZY day tmrw !! Doing makeup for some models for a Fashionistas Market Event at the Hyatt till 10:30 Then at the salon till 4 While I am at the salon I will be turning ERIN SMITH into an 80's Rocking queen , then @4 Back to Fashionistas Market Till 730 then off to the battle of the bands...can you say LOCO ??????? 0_o Just thinking about it makes me nervous!!

Wish me Luck friends :D

XX gab


  1. hello gabriella, yeah we took those pics up at launiopoko! we were coming back from kahului and decided to take some sunset photogs!...Have you tried zumba?!? Sharon wants to try it but, has yet to muster the courage to dance infront of people..:) hope you have a good one!

  2. robert downer is my celeb crush!! lol

  3. What the heck is Eli talking about!!! Shame.. me! Hah? LOL.. I'm definitely no pro at dancing.. but I don't need courage to dance in front of peeps.. muahahahahaha.

    Hey I like your new headband that you got from FM. I wanted one like that (in pink) from Cinnamon Girl in Whalers village.. but it was $60!! pass.

    I'll call you about next Tuesday. :)