Sunday, May 9, 2010

12 Hours till Touchdown

Or more like 12 hours till upload...Ugh I dont know why my videos take so LONG to upload ! But if its for the sake of better quality I will wait haha ! Patience is virtue after all right ? hee hee :]

So I have been feeling kinda down latley :/ I cant disclose all the details , but BLAH. ha I have been happy to see my Following numbers going up :] When and If I ever get to 50 followers I would like to do some sort of a small giveaway :] So let everyone know about my blog ! So we can get that rolling ! I will also do the same for my Youtube Account ! I will make a badge tonight so you guys can be connected and hopefully subscribe :D

On a compleatly different note, I have started to work out . I mean I always do fitness activity [to a certain extent] but im going to push myself to try and get into a serious routine !! Today was the kickoff ! And I figure if I blog about it maybe I will push myself even more so I dont seem like a loser to ya'll LOL !!! Today I did some stuff on my balance ball :

I seriously love this thing LOL there are TONS of different work outs you can do , I even use it at my desk :] I also did this workout called the 10 minute trainer ! Its made by the same company as P90x...My bf wants to do P90x and we have the disc's but I am so not ready for that lol...So yeah that was my mini update on that !!

Ta- Ta for now


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  2. ah yeah P90X is hardcore I figure maybe I can work my way up to that ! LOL on day 3 of my 10 min trainer routine ! thinking about throwing some jillian micheals in the mix ! WE should try ZUMBA ! hahaa no one wants to go with me lol

  3. I have that 10 minute trainer.. I used it for a week.. ha ha. I'm tried of being fluffy and will purcahse Insanity (same co. as P90x) soon! I need to get fit... and ripped.. ha ha.. okay, maybe just fit. :) Stll wanna do lunch? Let's set it up... I actually met up with a bloggy friend tonight. We met at Leilani's for some hula pie. nom.nom.nom. She's from Canada.. and she's like my sister from another mister. We couldn't stop talking.. it was so much fun!

    xx Love & Aloha

    p.s. I thought I was following you this whole time.. guess not. I'm your 25th follower!