Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Beach Waves ?

So its coming close to being summer...although in Maui its pretty much summer year round haha :] A cute hair trend for summer time is the oh so simple beachy waves :] Im working on a video to show you how to do this trend fast and easy !!! But until then here is a pic of ME and how I have been wearing my beachy waves hee heeeee

I think this look is so stunning on long hair but hey work with what you have right ? And right now I am rocking a short whats new ? hahaha I so kinda want a weave...NO JOKE... I miss my long hair ! I would insert a picture here, but i dont really have one of my SUPER long hair ! Oh well!!

On a different note I bet your wondering [possibly] where is my new makeup tutorial that I last blogged about posting?!?!....WELL I have attempted to upload it a few times but it takes so long the comp falls asleep and then the upload fails. Im growing tired of this thing ! Does anyone have any tips ? Im open to suggestions :/ Until then Enjoy some cake porn LOL

I REALLY REALLY want to make a cake like this for my up and coming 21st birthday!! Its a Blue Velvet cake :] how yummy does that sound ?!?!? I'm thinking about practicing before the actual date so i'm not stuck with a yucky cake LOL !!!

My friends and boyfriend keep asking me what do I want to drink on my 21st !! and I have narrowed it down to two different drinks I would like to try hahahaha THE FIRST ONE IS ::

Gummy Bear Shots/Drink

And Im also SEMI interested to Try something called a Chocolate Cake Shot ? or something like that LOL

haha I am not like an alcoholic or anything ! I have HONESTLY never been drunk in my life ! And I dont intend on it happening on my 21st But I am excited to try out some new tasty drinks! Do you guys have any favorites you may suggest ???

Love and Rockets !!



  1. I don't have any particular drink to recommend except champagne (YUM).... but I would love to tell you what my 80 year old mother in law told my daughter when she turned 21. She said, "OH, everybody in the world is going to buy you a drink. I'm here to tell you right now, you don't have to drink them all. Pass them along to a girlfriend, take a sip and then let it go. You don't wanna pass out and miss it all. " LOL! Love it, and true, true, true.

  2. Mary is right! Thats why I chose not to go to bars, or have a huge party for my 21st. I am such a lightweight and didn't want to miss anything. Jesse and I went to the fair and then to a really uncrowded bar later to have dinner and a drink. Just be careful and make sure Joel will help you walk (and maybe pee!) if you get drunk! LOL

  3. I reccomed not to drink anything too sweet... If you drink too muh of them it'll make you sick. Take it from me.. Lol and don't mix beer with hard liquor or wine with beer.. It's just a bad combo. Take it easyand enjoy a drink or two. Like a margartia or a few Mai thais!! Mai thais are amazing in Hawaii!!

  4. Pineapple upside down cake shots are DELICIOUS!!! I'm also a big fan of Red Headed Sluts... they're basically Jager, Peach Schnapps, and maybe something else? They're both really good.

  5. Liquor before beer your in the clear! I think you "should" get it's a right of passage. I totally got drunk on my big 21, sharon and I went to the feast at Lele and had toooooooo many tequila shots! fun but, not the day after, just slept in and ate some greasy ass food!....No more tequila shots for me, just the smell alone...yuk! Live and learn.

    Crown and Seven
    Patron Shots (very smooth)
    Dirrrty Martinis
    Lemon Drops

    Do I sound like an alcoholic?!? anywho...hope you have fun. When is your bday? Alohas...


  6. @ Mary Champagne ! So Fancy LOL and good advice I have never really drank before so im sure ill need to take it easy haha !

    @ Nikki ill be careful !! <3

    @ Megan !! Thanks for the info ! Im sure ill try a mai tai... eventually LOL

    @ alexandara ! Pineapple upside down cake shots !!! sounds GOOOOOOOOD ill have to ask for one LOL thanks for the tip !

    @ Elisha !! I think I may need to drag u two along for a night out !!! HAHA My bday is next tues ! we will be hanging out at the westin and prbly going out !! sharon has my # so hit me up !