Monday, May 24, 2010

Fashionistas Market

So it's been a while since my last post because I have been crazy busy with makeup and work and planning stuff for my b-day !! YAY lol :] So last Saturday we had this awesome event ! And I was given the opportunity to do some makeup for a FASHION SHOW !! neat huh ?! I got to do 5 models !!! Here are some pics :]

This awesome model is a pro-roxy surfer ! how cool huh ?? her hair was done by a girl at the salon named April ! she is AMAZING :D

Hair done by April Makeup done by MEEEE :]

Ah this was such a fun event :] these are some of the goodies I bought hee heeee :]

This amazing locally made headband ! So funky and Indian-ish !!! LOVES IT !

This wrap around bracelet was also made by the same designer ! I wish I remembered her name :[

This ring was not bought at the fashionistas market ! HOWEVER it was bought about 2 years ago in Oahu for me by my godfather :] He bought it for me so I would always remember my native American heritage ! I for some odd reason have not worn it till now !! I love the turquoise in it and the pearl ! Its so pretty and I love that it wraps around my finger :] I have decided I am going to make it one of those pieces im going to pass on to my future children so they can pass it on to theirs :] you know like an heirloom peice :] LOL i know thats thinking way into the future but it special :]

Have a wonderful Sunday Friends <3 Gab


  1. i like the idea of turning that beautiful ring into an heirloom piece of sorts. looks like you're having a blast with your makeup projects. it's fun to love what you do... congrats :)