Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Im back using my PC...lol just because I missed it so :] Don't get me wrong the Macbook is uber handy but theres nothing more comfy then sitting down at my desk and using my trusty ol' PC :D

So, I have been totally busy latley !! But in a fun good way :D Last weekend I was able to go to Oahu to do makeup for Erin Smitth of The Throwdowns ! This was so much fun ! and BUSY lol the day I flew in they had show that was supposed to be broad casted online...but due to technical difficulties and other stuff this did not happen :[ HOWEVER it did not stifle the fact that The Throwdowns still put on an AMAZING SHOW !!!! The following day was the bands CD re-release party !!! IT was so SPECTACULAR !!! I never rocked out so hard lol !!! I especially loved their rendition of Umbrella by Rhianna !! So gooooood :D I did Erins hair and Makeup for this Show which is the first time I did hair and makeup for the same event... THE STRESS WAS ON but she came out totally looking like a rockstar :]

Picture Credit to the Wonderful Carrie Hasson ! So much fun meeting you ! Check out her Website HERE amazing photographer !!!

I also wanted to give a quick shout out to The Jumpoffs ! A band I met while I was in Oahu !! Im totally loving the CD they gave me !!! If you live on Maui and are interested on giving them a listen contact me for a CD !! OR check out their Website HERE Support LOCAL music !!!! :D

I love this picture of them !!! LOL super cool band ! Anywho I haven't done an outfit of the day post in a while so here is that ....

What am I wearing ? Well here let me tell you ;] Forever 21 Long Shirt Thing LOL , F21 Necklace , Von Zipper Shades, Jeans Wherehouse Leggings , Naughty Monkey Boots, and my BP bag :D Whatcha Think ??? Yay or Nay ?

On a totally different note , Joel and I have been trying to cook at home more ! Not only is it healthier but cheaper ! :D which is nice LOL'z Night before last I was craving for something SPICY so why not make some Sichuan style green beans ?!!? They came out Lovely....

Oh so good :D I bid you all good day !! Im stuck at home today due to a brush fire >_< class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_0">maui have one road to go pretty much anywhere due to the fire it is closed :[ it may be open by now but whatevs LOL so why dont you check out this video and marvel in the musical genius better known as The Throwdowns :]

ps go ahead and gawk at her hair as well :] because I did it lol and her makeup !!!

ps listening to Music Box by The Jumpoffs <3


  1. Awesome Gabriella!! Thanks for the shout out:)) You did an amazing job on Erin's hair and makeup, she looked GORGEOUS!!! So fun hanging out with you ladies! Hope to work with you again soon!

  2. sounds like a fun weekend! i love your hair right now. so pulp fiction! and the green beans look yummy.