Thursday, April 28, 2011

Learn to Love the Ride...

How many posts have I started with "sorry I haven't blogged lately" ooor " Been Busy !" LOL  I know I am lame ! Sitting in my room now after making my skin squeaky clean lol ! Watching Unite Stated of Tara... and wow this show is actually pretty funny/interesting/weird everything you want in a 30 min sitcom lol :]

LOL on another note I think I may have FINALLY found some stuff that works for my skin ! Been recently breaking out lately and its driving me nutso ! Here's what I have been using :] That seems to be working ? LOL I shoulda taken some pictures and better notes but whats better then the trained human eye ?

Loving this makeup remover ! Even better then my Origins remover ! This makeup remover takes off EVERYTHING shadow , mascara , foundation , lip stuff !! YAY all in one :]

Usually cleansers for oily skin leave my skin feeling very dry! But this one just makes my skin feel... clean and makeup and dirt free !!! Its a gel consistency so its not super messy ! which is nice :]

This is the toner I have been using! Not going to lie it smells very strong ! Thought it wasn't going to work for me at first ! But its nice takes off any little dirt and makeup left overs that the cleanser didnt get !

This is the "exfoliant" I have been using! Its very finely milled so its not too harsh on the skin where it would tear open any pimples or skin for that matter. You can also even mix it with your cleanser then you get a cleanser thats also exfoliating ! YAY ... This stuff is on the more pricey end but ah I think is worth it! You get ALOT of product in the bottle !

haha and this is the moisturizer I have been using ! Its a Gel so its more oily skin friendly! Makes my skin feel SO SOFT ugh i love it !

It does what it says , gives relief to popped pimples... I know disgusting but , we all do it ? lol it works though ! Dries it out and in the morning your popped pimple is nothing but a memory !

I think my makeup also might have been adding onto the many things causing my acne! So I wanted to try something more affordable on the foundation end of acne fighting makeup ! So far I freaking LOVE IT ! The color selection isnt that great ... I am the darkest color... Which is funny cuz im not even that dark ! LOL but anyways the finish is nice and natural but it has great coverage ! I also notice that mid -day my skin is less oily then usual ! Still a tad in the T-zone area but not 1/2 as bad as it used to be !! AH loving it so much haha

And lastly hahahaha ! This mineral powder foundation by BareMinerals ! in the newer Matte collection ! If I am not mistaken it also has oil fighting ish in it ! LOL so sometimes I set my liquid foundation with it ... But more for the SPF factor ! Wanting to get some protection from the sun !! Dont want old wrinkly skin :[

Alright Im gonna cut this already so its not super long ! But still super busy with the move... Leaving the island in 14 days. WOW lol weird typing that out ... But ne ways.. thanks for reading !

XO Gab

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