Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shoe Collection : Vyou Question

LOL so this is a totally random post but on my Vyou I was asked :
" Shoe me your shoe collection? It's not a fetish question but purely a fashion one"

LOL Funny question ! I would have posted a video respone butttt 
#1 that would have been the longest video ever since I cant edit them
#2 my internet connection isnt the best so it would have lagged lol

So this is why I have decided to make this question into a blog post :]
Person whom I don't know who answered this question... I hope you enjoy?  lol

Black Suede Flats with Turquoise flower detailing : Ross
Cream colored flats from Italy 

Brown "pleather" Sandals : Jeans Warehouse
Tan "pleather" sandals with Gold and Brown beaded detail : from Italy

My Vans and Chucks :]
Brown Sandal Wedges : Steve Madden
Brass Plum Gladiator Wedges : Nordstrom 
Greyish Strappy Studded Heels : Jeans Warehouse
Black "pleather" wedge heels with peep-toe front : Shoe Fetish 
Naughty Monkey Suede Buckle Boots : Macy's 
Grey Suede Boots : from California 
Black Suede Boots (same as Grey)
Greyish "pleather" Bamboo Boots from : Sandal Tree (oahu)

So yeah there is my shoe collection in a nutshell , minus all my flip flops and some unworthy others haha !! As you probably notices I have alot of sandals !! Well that is because as you know I live in Hawaii !! I also own a lot of wedges ... because I suck at walking in heels and I havent found beautiful pairs worth buying :[

And my Boot obsession is quite strange I know considering I live in Hawaii but what can I say ! I am willing to suffer being hot for a cute pair of boots :]
XO Gabriella

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