Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Perfect Imperfections

So there was this tag on YouTube called "Perfect Imperfections"
You are supposed to list 3 things about yourself that you do not like
Then list 3 things that you do like about yourself!
Now let me just say this now , I am so not into self hating !
But hey we are women and quite frankly we all have things we do not particulary love about ourselves !! Am I right ?
I decided to make this into a blog post rather then a video BECAUSE ... well because I wanted to LOL !!! SO here it goes .....

#1 "imperfection"

I dont know what is going on with it latley but it is just GOING NUTS !
and by NUTS I mean Acne prone :[

#2 "imperfection"

MY Teeth :[
They aren't exactly "straight" which bothers me a tad ...
But it's a cosmetic issue which is why I havent gotten braces yet ...
Oh and also the $$$ factor LOL

#3 "Imperfection"

MY FEET lol!!
They are small and wide !! Which makes it hard to wear super cute heels !! :[

OKAY OKAY enough of that lol on to the "good" things !!

#1 "perfection"

I have always liked my "almond" shaped eyes ! It's nice to have a focal point on your face that you like !! LOL

#2 "perfection"

My lips ?
Iono they are full , which is nice I supposed LOL

#3 "perfection"

My beauty marks !! LOLOL
I know so weird but Iono I have always loved a good beauty mark !

Okay I am not in anyway saying im perfect or that the above things are perfect ... but they are what i like most about myself :]

Anyways my friend Micaela is leaving the island tommrrow :[
This is something I really really hate about Maui !!
Its so transitional , especially people my age !
Always coming and going :/
Im going to miss you Micaela

On a different note ! We sent out our christmas cards !! FINALLY !! Here is the picture we used :]

Happy Holidays From Maui !

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