Sunday, February 28, 2010


[this blog was written over a two day span lol 2/28-3/1]

I kinda feel like my life is like the game Jenga right slight wrong move can be a BIG wrong move. Maybe that's being slightly over dramatic...I don't know ; or a lot of small moves ultimately make you win the game [ of life in my case ] . I feel like I am at such a crucial age in my life where I should be building my future. DONT get me wrong !! I am going in the right direction but sometimes I feel like I could be doing more for myself !! Maybe I am just an "overachiever" , but heck its better to strive to be the best you can be then to not do SHIZ. Right ?

ANYWAYS [lol] tonight my boyfriend and I will be attending a Matisyahu concert !! And to be honest I am more excited about the opening band [ The Throwdowns ] then the actual lead act !! Ha but it was his turn to pick a concert as I have choose the last two...Which in fact led Joel into hating rock concerts !! haha oh well this taking turn thing is nice makes us feel like a mature couple LOL not in an old way but in a responsible , cooperative way :] ! PS the concert was pretty fun cold windy and rainy!!! And as I expected I DID enjoy the opening bands more LOL The Throwdowns ROCKED the house and Ooklah da Moc [sp] was pretty fun too !! They are a reggae band !! Matisyahu did put on a good show though !! Just not my cup of tea :]

US at the Concert !!! YAY

In a past blog post I had written about a new ring obsession of mine : two fingered rings !! AND GUESS WHAT !!! I now own TWO !!! It's not much but hey its a start !! I love the flower one the best its like a little piece of spring on my fingers :D

On a different note Joel and I dyed my hair tonight !! Nothing Fancy just a dark blue black !! I know as a training hair stylist I should have funky cool hair lol but I did just have red in it not to long ago !! Working in a salon things get old fast so I wanted a DARK change !! My hair naturally is pretty dark, but NOT blue black dark !! LOL I think joel was getting frustrated because he didn't know what he was doing but I am sure it will come out GREAT !!! Im blogging as its processing !!! HAHA Well time to shower and get this gunk out !!! Going to see that new Leo movie Shutter Island with some friends !! Let you know how it goes later !!! ALOOOOHA

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